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Cayman Sea Salt BBQ Almonds

Deliciously addictive crunchy almonds roasted with our salt, sweet and smokey hot BBQ Rub

Cayman Sea Salt BBQ Rub

This is a resealable bag of Cayman sea Salt BBQ Rub. A blend of salty, sweet, smokey hot. For pork, beef or chicken or sprinkled on roasted vegetables.

Cayman Sea Salt Cellar

Limited edition Cayman Sea Salt x 3 Girls and a Kiln salt cellars.

Cayman Sea Salt Herb Rub

A perfect blend of Cayman Sea Salt and herbs and seasonings, for seafood or poultry also ideal in sauces and on vegetables.

Cayman Sea Salt Resealable Bag

A premium finishing sea salt with essential minerals from the Caribbean sea.

Cayman Sea Salt Trio

Try all three of our Cayman Sea Salt Products, Cayman Sea Salt, BBQ Rub & our Herb Mix. Give it as a gift or treat yourself to a taste of island spice!