Our story

We make sea salt while the sun shines since 2005

Cayman is famous for having beautiful and pristine coastlines with no shortage of sunshine. These make up the natural resources of the Cayman Islands which we utilized to make Cayman Sea Salt.

This story has its beginnings in 2001 when driving to work one day and listening to Radio Cayman, the announcer said:” it’s another beautiful day in the Cayman Islands and the best things are the sun and sea”.

This gave much food for thought… how to use these natural resources?? And it came in a spark of inspiration, SEA SALT! Extensive research was made into the history and methods of making sea salt throughout the world. The traditional methods were not feasible for Cayman as coastal land is too expensive for making evaporation ponds and flooding them was not only impractical but labour intensive. The idea was put on the back burner as it’s time had not come.

In 2004 catastrophic Hurricane Ivan hit the Cayman Islands. Everything changed especially the weather. It became apparent how important it was to promote and develop local resources that need not be imported. There was no rain for months and it became very hot. While walking on the iron shore at Pedro one day, there in the pockets of the iron shore were sparkling sea salt crystals shining like diamonds. A captivating sight, the idea’s time had come! The next weeks and months were spent doing experiments to determine the rate of evaporation and yield in backyard experiments with small pans. In August 2005 a sea salt farm was established on land in Breakers. Large aquaculture tanks are filled with seawater to solar evaporate to a concentrated salinity level producing brine. The brine is then transferred to shallow pans and placed in specially designed solar tables to keep the salt clean.