Gourmet Sea Salt

Cayman Sea Salt is 100% hand produced all natural sea salt. Using Solar Evaporation we hand harvest the salt crystals producing the purest sea salt with its full compliment of minerals and the delicate taste of the cleanest Caribbean Sea. This delicious taste brings out the best in all your recipes. For a new taste sensation we also recommend trying it on chocolate, strawberry, papaya, mango or your favourite tropical fruit. The balance of flavours will excite your taste buds.

Suggested Use:
Cayman Sea Salt is a premium table salt and is best used as a condiment sprinkled over salads, grilled meats or fish. Turning the simplest meal to a feast for all your seasoning purposes.

Gourmet Sea Salt 4oz & 8oz Bottle:
4 oz. and 8oz. Bottle with a wide mouth feature perfect to collect, re-cycle or refill spices. CI$ 10 / CI$ 19

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Gourmet Sea Salt Mill :
Approximately 4oz. gourmet sea salt This clear glass spice bottle comes with easy grip mill cap with a removable cover. The design of this mill helps to prevent residual spill. CI$ 15.00

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2oz. Cayman Sea Salt Souvenir cotton bags :
CI$ 5

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6oz. Cayman Sea Salt BBQ Rub:
A blend of salty,sweet, smokey, hot. Delicious rub for pork, chicken or sprinkled on roasted vegetables, oh! don't forget popcorn. CI$ 15

Discounts available per case, contact us.

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